Why would we do these things?

I'll tell you my thoughts.
There is something very, very wrong in this world, and this country of ours (which I love) is a part of it.
We all know this. Everyone knows. Americans have too much, and don't appreciate it enough. This is easy to understand. But what next?

Do we go on some hippie rampage and try and live off the grid? Won't work.
Buy Organic? Sure, but it won't work.
Think global act local? Sure.. but it isn't enough.
We need to change the actual mental culture that we are surrounded by every day, and we can't change it by simply willing it so.

So here is the plan: We need to start making changes. We need to all start doing things that are DOABLE, but have the side benefit of changing how we think. We need to do it in a widespread, consistent fashion.. for long enough that children grow up seeing this behavior.
The end goal? Contraction of the American superpower. Minimization of the American per-capita footprint. And, most importantly, Humility. A virtue this country has been missing.

So please. Please. Just once a week.

It will help, I promise.